IELCO views its Corporate Social Responsibility as an unwavering dedication at the service of its surrounding context, a set of values which the company deploys both internally and externally in terms of quality, the environment, health and safety at work; relationships with shareholders, clients, partners, competitors, suppliers, public authorities and society at large; sustainability, training and culture, transparency and a long list of other commitments which it has willingly taken on board.

The spirit of enterprise and continuous improvement which characterises all those of us who work atIELCO must go hand-in-hand with a proper understanding of the challenges of our era, both in society and the natural world, and a strategy whereby economic results and sound management are inseparable from business ethics and all other responsibilities in enterprise.

IELCO‘s aim is to contribute as far as possible to the generation of wealth and employment in a sustainable manner and to develop our service delivery in accordance with our distinctive style and a desire to serve the community. These are the reasons behind the adoption of the Code of Conduct which we here present, a true reflection of the values and principles which govern our labours.

Our aims in publicising the Code are as follows:

  • Clarify its meaning, usage and how actions are to be performed.
  • Underpin the principles and values which characterise the company.
  • Inform society and all stakeholder groups of our operational criteria.
  • Ensure that our commitment to the fulfilment of social responsibility is tangible, and not simply a statement of intent.

The Code of Conduct is made available to:

  • Shareholders.
  • Employees.
  • Suppliers and subcontractors with which we work.
  • Partners.
  • Clients.
  • Public Authorities with which we work, and any others which may wish.
  • Competitors.
  • The media, companies and any other institution which may register an interest.
  • Society at large.

Responsibility for distribution of the Code lies with the IMS Manager, and in order to guarantee compliance with this document an IMS Committee has been appointed, its functions including oversight of due alignment and compliance.

The ethical principles which comprise the Code of Conduct are set out below.

Responsible attitude

In addition to all requirements of loyalty to the company and legal compliance, all employees must employ sound judgement and observe and comply with the highest moral and ethical standards in performing their duties. Employees must deal with company clients fairly, along with suppliers, competitors and all other employees, and respect the policies and procedures of those outside the company.

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

No discrimination of any kind may prevail within the company on the basis of birth, gender, race, age, religion, opinion, disability or any other grounds.

The following behaviours and situations are forbidden:

  • Overbearing, disrespectful and discriminatory treatment.
  • Corrections or differences regarding a delegated task must avoid any personal slight.
  • Working conditions must not constitute any form of discrimination.
  • Comments regarding the attitudes, image, appearance, behaviour or physical attributes of a colleague which constitute or suggest harassment.
  • Improper or inappropriate language.
  • Insults of any kind.
  • Favours or obstacles based on age, gender, race, religion, country, etc.

Right to privacy and data protection

IELCO has implemented the Organic Data Protection Act and is registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency in order to guarantee secure protection of the data we handle.

Employees must maintain the confidentiality of all information entrusted to them by the company and which they receive from any source in their capacity as employees, except where the disclosure thereof is authorised or required by law.

All individuals leaving the employment position which gave rise to their acceptance of this Code must refrain from employing any information obtained during their relationship with the company, including client portfolios or lists.

No workers are obliged to disclose their position regarding politics, religion, etc. Free time may be enjoyed by all in privacy.

Transparency and honesty

Sustainability in the time and sector within which we operate must be born out of our own transparency and honesty. This must begin with the way in which we ourselves treat clients, avoiding any incitement to unlawful practices and at all times offering impartial, reliable and frank treatment, but must also extend to our external relationships, avoiding corruption, bribery and respecting property rights.

In accordance with these principles and our desire to cooperate with our stakeholder groups, IELCOpublishes the following documents:

  • Management System policy,
  • Anti-corruption policy,
  • Objectives,
  • Annual accounts,
  • Works contractor classification,
  • Audit certificates and systems certification, and
  • Any other documentation which may be significant to our stakeholder groups.

Respect for animals and the Environment

We will not perform any works which do not respect natural resources, biodiversity, environmental conditions, living beings and the local context. The prevention of pollution and preservation of the Environment and its constituent elements form a part of our objectives.

Our Environmental Management System, which complies with the requirements of standard EN-ISO 14001, allows us to ascertain our impact on the environment and establish measures to monitor and prevent such effects.

The definition of environmental objectives each year allows us to improve our performance and optimise our processes, thereby translating into greater results.

Channels of communication

Internal and external communication with our stakeholder groups is agile and fluid, subject to no restrictions which could interrupt information flows.

We have in place the website which can be used by all individuals outside the organisation to raise any issue. This tool is employed as an information portal explaining our organisation and publicising documents which may be of interest to our stakeholders.

Respect for Human Rights

IELCO  aims to cooperate actively and support respect for human rights. It therefore undertakes to perform regular reviews and to monitor conditions guaranteeing these Fundamental Rights and to implement an operational strategy based on these principles:

  1. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within their sphere of influence.
  2. Businesses should make sure they are not complicit in human rights abuses.
  3. Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  4. Businesses should uphold the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
  5. Businesses should uphold the effective abolition of child labour.
  6. Businesses should uphold the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
  7. Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
  8. Businesses should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  9. Businesses should encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
  10. Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

Health and safety at work

IELCO subjects its workplace risk prevention system to external audits, in accordance with the terms of “Royal Decree 39/1997, of 17 January 1997, approving the Risk Prevention Service Regulation”. Proof of this is provided by means of the certificate posted on the website, issued by AENOR.

Nonetheless, our desire to continue working under ever better health and safety conditions has driven us to introduce a Health and Safety at Work Management System, certified in accordance with standard OHSAS 18001.

Socially responsible goods and services

The satisfaction not only of our clients but of the society with which we interact is one of our maxims, which is why we have since 2004 maintained certification of a Quality Management System under the terms of standard EN-ISO 9001, and have embarked on the path of ethical enterprise by introducing a Social Responsibility Management System in accordance with the RS-10 guidelines.

However, our social efforts are no recent innovation, given our status as sponsors of the Malaga Music Foundation, our contributions to sporting events in the city, in all cases in accordance with our possibilities, along with our aim to support a range of associations.

IELCO wishes to reach out to all and improve quality of life and well-being, and its construction projects are therefore always undertaken in accordance with the applicable regulations, the aim being to guarantee safety and accessibility for all.

Innovation, research and development

IELCO‘s interest and efforts in the field of Innovation, Research and Development have since the year 2010 been expressed by means of an R&D+i Management System compliant with standard UNE 166002.

One key initiative is IELCO‘s role as a sponsor of the Habitec Foundation, dedicated to support for sustainable projects in the construction sector.

Compliance with applicable regulations

The introduction of a Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment, Health and Safety at Work, R&D+i and Social Responsibility facilitates identification of all applicable regulations and increases the level of disclosure as to how the company fulfils its obligations. Our intention in this regard is not to limit our actions to mere legal compliance, but to go a step further wherever the conditions so allow.

We must all be familiar with the legislation affecting the performance of our daily work, and act in order to comply with this.

Although we must compete robustly in order to maximise returns, we must at the same time do so in strict compliance with all legislation and regulations applicable to our operations. No employee may at any time in the name of the company take any action which would constitute a violation of any applicable law or regulation.

Right of association and collective bargaining

The right of association and collective bargaining are fundamental rights, and as such may be exercised by all IELCO workers.

In order to guarantee the stability and harmony of labour relations between the company and its employees, senior management remains open at all times to suggestions and agreements which are fair to all parties. With this same aim in mind, our employment conditions are governed by the Collective Agreement in force for the Construction sector.

All disputes will be handled by means of channels encouraging dialogue and unanimous agreement.

Representation of workers

In accordance with the terms of the applicable regulations, the company’s workers choose their staff representatives, who also hold the position of risk prevention representatives.

Image, advertising and promotion

In general, authorisation to release information about the company is confined to those individuals specifically appointed for this purpose by senior management.

Any individual requesting any type of information or opinion based on a relationship with IELCO, on behalf of any media outlet, must be referred to Senior Management.

Involvement in any event (interviews, speeches, publication of articles, etc.) which could ultimately involve the public presentation of information about the company, its business and operations, or the issuing of opinions which could ultimately be attributed to IELCO (other than those issued by the specialist figures specifically appointed to such posts), must receive prior approval from Senior Management.

It must always be remembered that the image formed by society of this company has been forged by all of us through appropriate ethical behaviour and an awareness of how our actions can impact on our surrounding context.

Our channels for promotion and advertising will at all times be employed in accordance with respect for Human Rights and personal dignity.

Fair competition

We in all cases treat our competitors within a framework of lawful conduct, attempting to establish mutually beneficial, open and respectful relationships, without exerting any pressure, overbearing action or coercion.

Our aim is to create lasting ties, forming cooperation agreements on research and innovation projects, for the execution of construction works or the management of other companies, to benefit all parties and help underpin the individual standing of each.

IELCO will never release false information or resort to dishonest practices against its competitors.

Use of company-owned resources

Employees undertake to return materials owned by IELCO which are in their possession when they leave their position of employment.

Employees accept that the work they have performed, whether or not classified as intellectual property, is wholly and exclusively the property of IELCO. Reports, proposals, studies, programmes and any other product derived from professional activities will remain in the possession of IELCO, departing individuals not being entitled to disclose such information in any way without written authorisation from the company’s senior management.

No worker may use tools owned by the company for any non-professional purpose. We are all responsible for the perfect state of preservation of facilities, equipment and machinery, not only our own but also any others which could be affected by our operations.

All employees are subject to a moral, and on occasion legal, obligation to inform the IMS Manager, or the IMS Committee, of any situation which could potentially violate any of the principles here set out.

Anonymity is guaranteed to any individual reporting in good faith possible breaches of the legislation in force or any situations which would appear questionable from an ethical perspective. No disciplinary measures or reprisals will be taken against any employee reporting any breach of this Code of Conduct.

IELCO is obliged voluntarily to disclose to the competent authorities any legal or regulatory breaches which may have occurred within the organisation. The employees guilty for such actions will be subject to appropriate corporate disciplinary measures, and may also be subject to criminal liability under the terms of the laws in force.

In accordance with this commitment to full legal compliance, we here set out our Anti-Corruption Policy:


IELCO is firmly committed to combating corruption in all spheres. It has therefore adopted an anti-corruption policy which focuses on and addresses the prevention, detection and investigation of any actions constituting any form of corruption.

In accordance with this policy, the organisation asserts its compliance with its taxation obligations, allowing it to perform its operations in a clear and transparent manner.

In line with its aim of combating corruption, IELCO begins its efforts at an internal forum, prior to informing stakeholder groups of the measures to be implemented:

A.   Eradication of bribery and extortion

Bribery and extortion are forbidden in any employment and economic relationship, whether with other colleagues or in dealings with suppliers, subcontractors, public authorities, competitors, partners and clients. Honesty, objectivity and independence must be the hallmarks of the company and the people who belong to it.

B.    Transparency in political activities

All political contributions will be made on a clear basis of transparency. Involvement by IELCO or any worker in political activities must comply with legal standards, preventing the organisation’s reputation from being called into question. Employees’ contributions may not be or seem to be made with company funds, nor be reimbursed through company funds.

C.    Offer and receipt of gifts

IELCO does not allow its employees to give to or receive from third parties inappropriate payment of any kind, nor any gifts, incentives or favours which go beyond standard market practice or which, given their value, characteristics or circumstances, could reasonably affect the course of the commercial, administrative or professional relationships in which the companies are involved.

Whenever such events occur, the IMS Committee or the IMS Manager must be informed in order for an evaluation of their significance and consequences to be performed.

D.    Conflict of interest

All employees must avoid situations which could constitute a conflict between their own interests and those of IELCO, and refrain from representing the company or intervening in or influencing any decision-making process in which they or a third party connected with them through any significant economic, family or professional ties could have a direct or indirect personal interest.

All workers subject to such circumstances must inform the IMS Committee or the IMS Manager. The Committee will decide as to the best solution to be adopted in each specific case.

E.   Interpretation and compliance

The IMS Committee or the IMS Manager must immediately be notified directly in order to guarantee:

  • Consistency in handling information
  • An appropriate, objective and independent investigation
  • Protection of colleagues and the interests of IELCO

The Committee will impose the applicable sanctions in accordance with the regulations in place and, depending on the magnitude of the act committed, will establish whether other relevant authorities should be notified of the case.

It is the responsibility of all to achieve the objectives set by IELCO of guaranteeing compliance with the regulations in force and to prevent and combat corruption.

This Code of Conduct has been drawn up in order to allow employees to understand and follow the principles of IELCO, respect for business conduct, integrity and ethics. We trust that it will serve as a useful guide in your daily work.

Ana López Caparrós
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of IELCO, S.L.