The executive team of IELCO has developed and implemented an Integrated Management System covering Quality, the Environment, Workplace Risk Prevention, Research, Development and Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility, with a commitment to improving its effectiveness day by day, striking a balance between satisfying the needs of shareholders and all other stakeholder parties, to establish a position as a flagship company in its field of operations.

Aware that the future of our company depends on Research and Innovation, the quality of our service and satisfaction of the needs of our clients, our social responsibility, respect for the Environment, the satisfaction and health and safety of all our workers, alliances with our suppliers and partners, along with legal compliance, we must ensure that all these requirements are met. Based on a belief that it is better to prevent than to correct any failings which may arise in delivering a service, we must all work together on Research and Innovation, continuous client service improvement, preservation of the Environment and safe conditions for our daily work.

This has led to the creation of the following


IELCO gives an undertaking to all stakeholder groups (shareholders, society, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, competitors and public authorities) to provide the resources necessary in order to perform all actions derived from application of this Quality, Environment, Workplace Risk Prevention, R&D+i and CSR Policy.

IELCO undertakes continuously to improve the processes involved in the construction of both civil engineering projects and buildings, and to this end has in place specific targets which are set each year having been reviewed by Senior Management.

IELCO is committed to an increase in the level of satisfaction of all its stakeholder groups in performing its operations.

IELCO asserts its responsibility to keep abreast of all legal and regulatory requirements applicable and to instigate the actions required to ensure that its operations are performed in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force, complying in particular with the requirements of standards EN-ISO 9001, EN-ISO 14001, UNE 166002, standard OHSAS 18001 and document RS-10.

IELCO issues an undertaking to prevent and reduce the pollution caused by any environmental impacts which its operations may have on the surrounding environment within its control.

IELCO undertakes to maintain safe working conditions and to oversee the health of its workers, in accordance with the regulatory requirements applicable to the sector.

IELCO issues an undertaking to respect the human rights proclaimed in the United Nations Universal Declaration, along with the general principles governing social responsibility.

IELCO guarantees that this Quality, Environment, Workplace Risk Prevention, R&D+i and CSR Policy will be publicised and explained throughout the organisation and, as far as possible, beyond its confines. The Board of Directors will, in the case of individual requests, decide as to the external reporting of significant environmental aspects.

This Quality, Environment, Workplace Risk Prevention, R&D+i and CSR Policy is tied to the following


  1. Effectively implement the Integrated Management System governing Quality, the Environment, Health and Safety at Work, R&D+i and CSR.
  2. Train, inform, raise the awareness of workers and, where necessary, our suppliers, subcontractors, partners, clients and any parties which may be affected with regard to the management of quality, respect for the environment, health and safety at work, R&D+i management and the principles of social responsibility.
  3. Perform comprehensive monitoring of the fulfilment of objectives.
  4. Review each year the management system, including this Policy and these general objectives, with the aim of achieving continuous improvement in both administration and effective performance.
  5. Systematically improve through annual management plans the satisfaction of all stakeholder groups, levels of safety at work, employee health monitoring, our impact on society and respect for the environment. This last issue will focus on those environmental aspects most associated with our operations:
    • Generation of inert waste (soil, earth and aggregate in general).
    • Generation of hazardous waste (oils, solvents, chemical product containers).
    • Consumption of natural resources (soil, rock, water).
    • Atmospheric emissions (particles, noise).
  • Maintain and improve the satisfaction of our clients by providing services which comply with increasingly strict quality standards, with a particular focus on improving the following aspects:
    • Reduction of lead times on construction projects.
    • Reduction in repairs following handover of works.
    • Minimisation of the environmental impact of works.
    • Minimisation of pollution.
    • Elimination of workplace accidents.
  • Continuously increase the number of ideas transformed into R&D+i projects.
  • Continuously increase partnership agreements with other organisations for the development of R&D+i projects.
  • Maintain and further develop cooperation agreements with other organisations in developing social responsibility.
  • Improve channels of communication allowing us to ascertain the expectations of our stakeholder groups, in order to achieve their fulfilment.
  • Contribute to the sustainable development, health and well-being of society.
  • Integrate ethical, social, professional, human rights and environmental values at the heart of our organisation, and promote their dissemination throughout our sphere of influence.

Ana López Caparrós
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of IELCO, S.L.