Among other meanings, the Spanish word Huella is defined in the dictionary as a “footprint: feature, mark or legacy left by something or someone”, and a “deep and lasting impression”. In order to recognise the indelible mark represented by particular individuals and organisations in the city through their work on behalf of creativity, solidarity and a culture of enterprise, the Malaga Rotary Club this year created the Footprint Awards, handed out on Saturday at the Hotel Vincci Posada del Patio.

In this first edition the Cultural Huella Award went to Baroness Carmen Thyssen, who was unable to attend because of a minor indisposition. Meanwhile the social category award went to Joan Hunt, the founder of CUDECA, an organisation which for more than two decades has been benevolently offering assistance to advanced and terminal cancer patients and their relatives. Lastly, the third and final award, for Community Development, was bestowed on Rafael Domínguez de Gor, of Mayoral.